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   Product Overview
   The Scientist / The Invention
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   Active Ingredients
About the Product
Skin Care Supplements, acne treatments
For years, scientists have tried to capture the benefits of elastin, the essential dermatologic building block that gives skin its natural ability to bounce back.
Now there's Elastica Skin Balancing™, the latest skincare technology created by Dr. Lawrence Sandberg Phd, a top elastin/protein scientist.
Our Skin Balancing™ technology with our patented V2PQ™ Elastin derivative works to revitalize the skin and bring back a more youthful, natural appearance. Bounceback Cream is available in 4 formulations: A light, oil-free facial moisturizer for normal/oily skin, an emollient, deeply hydrating facial moisturizer for normal/dry skin, a Moisturizing Body lotion and a skin care product that is formulated specifically for a Man's daily care regimen.
Visible Results
The body's elastin production slows with age, allowing fine lines, sagging and wrinkles to occur. With regular, twice-a-day application of Elastica Bounceback Cream, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles decreases significantly.  The skin becomes tighter and more resilient without increasing sun-sensitivity or causing skin irritation and redness.
Elastica has been extensively tested by Consumer Product Testing Laboratory and the results are remarkable and long lasting. Tests showed that that the skin's hydration showed a significant difference by (+42%) and a (20%) increase in the skin's elasticity.
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Elastin - What is It?
Elastin is a rubber-like protein found in virtually alll tissues of the body. Elastin lends elastic recoil to tissues of which it is a significant component, eg. skin, lung, aorta. Elastin's secondary function contains peptide sequences with hormonal activity which is important in tissue remodeling.
Elastin is a highly cross-linked complex polypeptide and is a major component of elastic fibers present in the skin and connective tissue of animals. Elastin appears to be primarily responsible for the physiological elasticity of tissue. In normal mammalian skin, specifically human skin, elastic tissue proteins represent a relatively small fraction of the total dermal proteins, but play a very important role in maintaining or improving the skin tone and structure. Elastin itself is the main protein substance present in elastic fibers and occurs in tendons, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When isolated from these sources, it is normally in the form of a brittle. fibrous, yellowish material which is insoluble in water, alcohol and ether but is somewhat soluble in concentrated aqueous alkali metal hydroxide solutions. The dense cross-linked structure of elastin makes it very difficult to solubilize. There have been many attempts to solubilize elastin and create cosmetic agents from the solubilized elastin. To date, these techniques have not found a large degree of commercial success.
Attempts to solubilize have been attempted, however, it has been found that elastin is only slightly absorbed by the skin and does not sufficiently penetrate the skin to produce substantial benefits to the skin. UNTIL NOW!
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HEP - What is It?
Discovered in the 1980's when Drs Sandberg and Roos were doing metabolic studies on elastic tissue turnover. HEP, which stands for Hydrophilic (water-loving) Elastin Peptides is produced by thermolysin (an enzyme) digestion of highly purified elastin and is made up of 44 small discrete peptides.
HEP is directed to an elastin peptide fragment which is useful as a therapeutic and or cosmetic composition or agent for modifying tissue, especially skin. The term "modify" is used to convey that the present invention changes either the appearance, form, characteristics and/or the physical attributes of the tissue to which it is being provided, applied or administered. The change in form can be reflected in any of the following alone or in combination: enhanced appearance of the skin; increased softness of the skin; increased turgor of the skin; increased texture of the skin; increased elasticity of the skin; decreased wrinkle formation and increased endogenous elastin production in the skin.
This invention relates generally to a composition useful in treating tissue and a method for treating tissue, wherein the composition utilized to treat the tissue includes a peptide which simulates the effect of elastin, and more preferably increases the native production of elastin. Preferably the peptide has an amino acid sequence which corresponds to or is homologous with a fragment of mammalian elastin, more preferably the amino acid sequence corresponds or is homologous with fragments of elastin endogenous to the tissue being treated. It is preferable that the peptide is at a therapeutically effective concentration and/or is an active ingredient of a therapeutic or cosmetic composition. More specifically, the present invention relates to a composition which includes a peptide or multiple peptides which increase the elasticity and turgor of the skin. The present invention is also directed to a method of administering the composition to a patient in need thereof to thereby increase the elasticity of the patient's skin. Increased elasticity results in an improvement in the overall physical appearance of the skin. For example, when treated with the present invention, mammalian skin appears to be softer, smoother, healthier, and more youthful.
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VVPQ - What is It?
VVPQ, also know as V2PQ, is one of the peptides in HEP that has hormonal activity towards skin cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts) causing them to enhance their production of the messenger RNA necessary for deposition of new elastic fibers in the skin.
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Other Uses / Benefits
Skin Care Supplements, acne treatments
The active ingredients in Elastica Skin Care products have been known to treat the following skin conditions:
Acne rosacea/vulgaris
Vesicular dermatoses
Scar contractures from burns
Chapped lips
Hair loss
The peptide or peptides of contained in Elastica Skin Balancing Cream, as well as their corresponding therapeutic compositions are expected to have a variety of important applications. For a full list of conditions these peptide(s) are likely to benefit please click here.
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Elastica Skin Balancing™ technology and its “Patented” active ingredient “V2PQ” is the brainchild of Dr. Lawrence Sandberg, MD PhD, a top Elastin scientist. These highly effective products represent the rigors of renowned University Laboratory Science, Private, and Government grants, as well as Double Blind Studies conducted by Consumer Testing Laboratories. The deep insights and collaboration by our connective tissue experts, as well as extensive time and resources spent to deliver a worthy product to market, brings you the best in Anti-Aging Skin Care. Our scientists are dedicated Medical doctors who possess an impressive lifelong commitment and recognition to Elastin Protein research and discoveries. Be assured that this is real science and if anyone can produce a true Anti-Aging product, it is this team of skin cell specialists!
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